With over 30 years of experience in the Information Technology industry, from simple desktops to complex networks, our team has professionally delivered results to our clients utmost satisfaction.If it’s just a little help that your employees need to be more efficient with daily tasks or a complete overhaul of your office space, we are confident we can be of great service and value to your organization. We offer on-site service, training and support and will gladly travel to your location where we can be most effective in delivering great value to your organization.

Chris leads our team of IT experts with more than two decades of industry & field experience. Chris is extremely passionate about helping businesses with their IT infrastructure needs and looks forward to the opportunity to meet you in person.

We offer a wide range of expert service and advice and are continually striving to learn more each and every day. By continuing to grow and excel at our craft, we carry forward this expertise to our clients so they can focus their energies on what they do best.

Computer Repair from regular PC's to Servers. Motherboard shot? Need a network card? Having trouble upgrading Memory? We can help.

Computer Service & Repair

  • Malware/Virus Removal for Windows, Mac & Linux Systems
  • Microsoft Windows Bloat / Slowness Resolution
  • Microsoft Windows Re-installation
  • Microsoft Office Setup & Re-installation
  • Computer Diagnostics & Troubleshooting
  • Computer Hardware Upgrades
  • Computer Assembly & Setup
  • Computer Networking Setup
  • Multimedia Audio/Video Setup
  • Server Diagnostics & Troubleshooting

All Computer Services are charged at a rate of $120 per hour with a minimum 1 hour charge.

IT Services

  • Mobile Software Diagnostics & Setup
  • Network Diagnostics & Setup
  • Hardware Replacement Program
  • Database Design & Management
  • General IT Troubleshooting
  • Remote Surveillance & Management
  • Website Domain Registration
  • Email Setup & Management
  • Information Management
  • Computer Tutoring
  • Security Training

All IT Services are charged at a rate of $80 per hour with a minimum 1 hour charge.

Free Consultation

We look forward to meeting with you in person to discuss your needs. Please contact us for a free consultation.